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Australia Miyake Kai Organiser
Ayako Tsunazawa

Ayako started playing taiko in 1996. She has been studying Miyake Taiko under Mr. Akio Tsumura of Miyake Jima Geino Doshi-Kai since 1998. She formed the women’s taiko group “Walakado” in Japan in 1999 for giving taiko workshops and performances. She also studied Brazilian samba percussion under Ryo Watanabe.

After moving to Australia, she established a Miyake Taiko practice group with her taiko friends in 2012. Currently, she gives taiko performances and workshops as a member of Japanese music instruments duo “A.YA” in Melbourne. 

She is dedicated to introducing traditional taiko music to Australia by inviting instructors and enthusiasts from Japan to teach and enjoy exchange with Australian taiko players. These traditional styles include Miyake Taiko (Miyake Is., Tokyo), Wachi Daiko (Wachi, Kyoto) , Hachijo Daiko (Hachijo Is., Tokyo) and Kanju Daiko (Aogashima, Tokyo).